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How to File for Custody of a Child in South Carolina

Child custody is one of the most emotional types of family law cases. These matters often involve allegations of parental …

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Unmarried Fathers’ Rights in South Carolina

Child custody disputes are a part of many South Carolina divorces, but they take on a different nature when the …

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Divorce on Grounds of Spousal Abandonment in SC

When filing for divorce in South Carolina on the grounds of spousal abandonment, it is important to understand the state’s …

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Parental Alienation Laws in South Carolina

Parental alienation can make an already-complicated custody situation extremely tense. For parents who are victims, it can leave them in …

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5 Divorce Mediation Tips

Divorce mediation is the opportunity to explore a non-trial resolution to divorce. Whether or not you ultimately reach a settlement, …

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What are the chances of winning a divorce appeal?

Are you considering appealing your divorce judgment? You may wonder if it’s worth it. What are the chances of winning …

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What Happens After Divorce Papers Are Served?

After divorce papers are served in an uncontested case, a timely response is filed and served. The parties begin settling …

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How Often Can Child Support Be Modified?

Parents have many misconceptions about child support. One of them is about the circumstances that could lead to a modification. …

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How Long Does Alimony Last? A Legal Perspective

Alimony is one of the more misunderstood parts of the divorce process. While there is one word to describe payments …

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Why Is Mediation Important?

Most divorcing couples want to do everything they can to avoid going to court. There are too many risks associated …

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