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Angela Frazier, a divorce lawyer in Greenville, SC, fights for clients in divorce proceedings. Our firm provides excellent representation in divorce and related claims. Call 864-635-6323 to discuss your case and begin today.

Attorney Handling Divorces in Greenville, SC

Angela Frazier is a skilled lawyer handling divorce cases in Greenville, SC who will fight for you. When you need relentless, focused and aggressive legal representation, we’re ready. Angela Frazier is a female divorce lawyer who is focused on you and your needs.

A divorce has extremely important consequences for those involved. The results impact you now and in the future. Work with a Greenville divorce lawyer who is devoted to your best interests and your future. Contact us at 864-635-6323 or message us to talk to our team and start your case.

Types of Cases We Handle


Proceedings to legally break the bonds of matrimony.

Child custody

Determining care and decision-making authority regarding minor children.

Child support

Moneys paid for the support of a minor child.

Alimony/spousal support

Alimony payments vary, depending on a variety of factors.

Separate maintenance and support

When spouses separate, rather than divorce.

Fault/no-fault divorces

South Carolina recognizes fault and no-fault divorces.

Post-divorce matters

Including order enforcement and modification.

Fighting for Our Clients

A divorce is no time to be timid. We understand the mission.

When you need an aggressive Greenville divorce lawyer, our family law firm is here for you. Attorney Angela Frazier believes that cases are won in never giving up. We won’t be outworked.

It means looking at the case from every angle. It means thoroughly understanding your case, your needs and your goals. That’s what you can expect from divorce lawyer Angela Frazier and her team.

Issues in Divorce Cases

Here are examples of unique situations that may be important in your case:

Fault/no fault

Whether to pursue a fault or no-fault case depends on the circumstances. We can explain your options.

How long a divorce takes

We’ll explain how long your divorce may take and what can impact the timeline. We’ll work efficiently on your case as we pursue a favorable outcome.

Unknown/hidden assets

Spouses, especially wives, aren’t always aware of all marital assets. The other spouse may try to hide assets. We investigate, value assets and ensure they are included.

Domestic violence, abuse, emotional abuse

If you have experienced domestic violence, abuse or emotional abuse, we are truly sorry. Our team understands the special and sensitive considerations in assisting abuse and violence victims in divorce.

Special needs children

When a divorce involves a special needs child, needs must be addressed in custody and support proceedings.

Gray/senior divorce

Our team can capably assist you in a divorce involving older spouses.

Prenuptial/postnuptial agreements

Let us protect your rights when there is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement between spouses.

Business income

When a spouse owns a business, it is an important part of the financial picture in divorce.

As your attorney, Angela Frazier relieves you of the stress of these issues. We identify the things that are most important to your case.

Solo Law Firm – Focused on You

We’re a little different. We believe every client needs to be heard and cared for. Divorce cases are always based on the specific facts of the situation and the needs of the person we represent. No two cases – or people – are ever the same.

Representing a client well means focusing on them and their needs. When we represent you, you’ll know your legal team by name. Please reach out whenever you have a question or something for us to know. Our attentive team works for you and with you to achieve results.

When you hire us, you’re not just hiring a law firm. You’re hiring a person – attorney Angela Frazier, who is ready to personally be your representative, advocate and leader. You won’t get lost – you’ll be our priority.

Female Divorce Lawyer in Greenville

Angela Frazier is a female divorce lawyer serving the Greenville, SC community. We proudly represent both men and women. You’ll be sharing a lot of information with your lawyer. At our law firm, you’ll be heard. We’re understanding, and we see things from your perspective. Our team is friendly, compassionate and communicative. Then, we’re relentless as we fight for your rights.

A Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney Leading Her Clients

Going through a divorce can be a confusing, difficult process. Even if you’re at the point of considering your options or learning more about what’s involved, it can be hard to evaluate the situation. Angela Frazier is a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney. With a deep understanding of the law, and experience in legal practice, we serve as your leader and guide.

You can leave it to us to interpret the law for you. We anticipate how your case will unfold.

From the time we first meet you, we explain the law and what to expect. We talk about your options, possible outcomes and how to achieve your goals.

The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our team can represent you and assist you, applying our knowledge of the law and pursuing your rights.

When to talk to a divorce attorney

We know that you may need to talk to a divorce lawyer immediately.

At Elliott Frazier Family, Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorneys, LLC, it’s not just about preparing legal paperwork. We believe that an attorney should be readily available to their clients. Our communication won’t stop after our first meeting. Instead, we always keep you up to date on your case. It’s important that you know what to expect and that you always feel confident contacting us.

Whatever stage your case is in now, we invite you to contact us. You may be first considering divorce. You may be ready to file. Perhaps your spouse has filed. Whatever your situation, we’re available to talk things over and begin representing you. We also handle post-divorce matters.

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We’re ready to fight for you. Call 864-635-6323 or message us now.

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