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Brain injuries are often severe and may have a lasting and significant impact on you or a loved one’s quality of life. While brain injuries often affect you physically, they may also have profound cognitive, emotional and financial repercussions. Our Greenville brain injuries lawyer Angela Frazier and her team know how life-altering brain injuries can be, and we have extensive experience building cases against those who cause them. Let us fight back for you. Contact us online to schedule a case review.

What Qualifies as a Brain Injury?

While some brain injuries are relatively minor, others are much more serious, having the potential to affect virtually all aspects of your or a loved one’s life. Traumatic brain injuries are especially serious and typically fall into one of three categories.

Mild TBI (concussion)

Most TBIs are mild in nature, but even mild TBIs can be serious. Often caused by bumps or blows to the head, mild TBIs can impact everything from how you think and retain information to how you act toward others to how much you sleep at night.

Moderate TBI

Often the result of car wrecks, falls or firearm-related injuries, moderate TBIs take a serious toll. When you or someone you know experiences a moderate TBI, the injury may cause communicative issues or concentration or memory problems, among other side effects.

Severe TBI

Severe TBIs occur after a period of unconsciousness and are the most serious type of traumatic brain injury. Sometimes it may take doctor’s weeks, months or even years to determine how much you or someone you love might recover after this type of head injury.

Different types of TBIs require different levels of medical attention. Our Greenville brain injury lawyer may be able to help you assess how the severity of your injury may add up to a significant settlement that compensates for the future.

What Causes Brain Injuries?

Brain injuries result from a variety of different causes, most of which involve a significant blow or jolt to the head. Falls, car crashes and domestic violence or assault are all common causes of traumatic brain injury. While less common, gun violence may also cause brain injuries.

How Do Brain Injuries Impact Quality of Life?

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, TBIs are a major cause of death and disability in the United States, with more than 69,000 people dying from these injuries in 2021 alone. Brain injuries may disrupt you or a loved one’s ability to work, maintain personal relationships or perform or enjoy basic tasks.

Cognitive impairments resulting from a brain injury, such as memory or concentration issues, may also hinder someone’s independence, forcing them to rely heavily on others for help. After a TBI, many people also experience mood swings, depression, anxiety and personality changes that have the potential to upend relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

While a TBI hinders the quality of life for the person who experiences it, it may also create hardships for loved ones who suddenly find themselves thrust into caregiver roles. Many people who care for loved ones with serious brain injuries find themselves struggling to stay on top of work or familial commitments.

Our experienced brain injury lawyer in Greenville can help you determine exactly how your injury affects your quality of life so you can pursue appropriate compensation in the aftermath.

How Do You Hold Someone Liable for a Brain Injury?

When someone else’s actions cause you or a loved one to experience a brain injury, you may be able to work with our firm to hold the responsible party liable. The key to making a successful claim is proving that the responsible party acted negligently and that this negligence was the root cause of your injury.

To demonstrate this, you and your injury attorney may need to furnish medical records that describe the extent of your injury and how it impacts your day-to-day life. You may also need eyewitnesses to weigh in and describe what they witnessed when your injury occurred.

After a brain injury or TBI, you may also want to seek compensation for future medical or mental health treatments. Many people with brain injuries need medical or other help for months or even years after the injury occurs. You may also need one or more doctors to give you an idea of what your future treatment needs might entail so you can decide how much compensation to seek in your case.

Get Help From a Brain Injury Attorney in Greenville

A brain injury is often life-changing on physical, emotional and financial levels, but you may be able to secure compensation that helps you regain control over your life. Contact Angela Frazier, our Greenville brain injury lawyer at Elliott Frazier Family, Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorneys, LLC. Call us at 864-635-6323 to request a consultation and explore your options.

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