How Does Property Get Split After a Divorce?

Deciding to divorce from your spouse can be one of the most difficult decisions in your life. However, once that …

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What Does Child Support Take Into Consideration

What Does Child Support Take Into Consideration?

If you face a divorce involving children or aren’t married to your children’s other parent, child support is an important …

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How to Find Out How Much Child Support Is Owed to You

How to Find Out How Much Child Support Is Owed to You

If you become your children’s primary custodial parent (with whom they spend the majority of their time), you will very …

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Track Child Support Payments

How To Track Child Support Payments

When the court issues a child support order, there can be consequences if it is not followed. The parent paying …

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Who Gets Child Custody When One Parent Is In Jail

Who Gets Child Custody When One Parent Is In Jail?

Getting sentenced to jail can immediately impact many legal rights, though parental rights are not automatically impacted. While a parent …

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joint custody

The Ultimate Legal Guide to Joint Custody and Child Support

In the United States, about 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Although most couples intend to spend …

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divorce lawyers

7 Documents to Have When Meeting Divorce Lawyers in Greenville

After being stuck in quarantine together for months, many couples have been considering divorce. Especially for those couples who wouldn’t have …

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what is alimony

What Is Alimony and How Do You Negotiate It?

If you’re going through a divorce, the financial hurdles can seem overwhelming. Dividing up assets and co-parenting is tough. If …

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divorce vs legal separation

Divorce vs Legal Separation: What’s Best for Your Family?

The divorce rate in the United States is currently 2.9 per 1,000 population. Divorce has become an accepted part of …

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family law attorney

9 Signs You Need a Consult With a Family Law Attorney

When it comes down to determining custody, a judge will decide who receives custody for their children, and who doesn’t. …

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legal guardians

A Complete Guide to Legal Guardians

You provide for every aspect of your child’s care. Have you thought about what will happen if a tragedy leaves …

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