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When you need an experienced child custody lawyer in Greenville, SC, we will fight for you. Call 864-635-6323 to talk to lawyer Angela Frazier about your case.

Attorney for Child Custody in Greenville

Perhaps there is no more important legal matter than custody of your children. As a mom to two small kids, Angela Frazier knows that you have concerns about how a custody case may impact your children’s futures.

You want to win, and that’s why Angela Frazier is a lawyer who fights for her clients. When you need compassionate and skilled legal services to establish, change or enforce child custody orders, you can turn to our firm for relentless representation.

We represent clients in Greenville, SC and the surrounding courts. We also represent clients in other locations who have custody cases in the Greenville area.


A Female Child Custody Lawyer and Mother Herself

Angela Frazier is a female child custody lawyer. She loves her two young children dearly, and knows the daily concerns and needs of parents like you. She knows there’s days where you might be exhausted or discouraged and feeling like no one truly listens to what you’re going through as a family.

Angela strives to connect personally with every mother or father she represents. When you meet with attorney Angela Frazier, she’ll be in tune with your story. She understands that parenting is rewarding, but it can be a little hard.

As a mom and as a custody attorney, Angela sees child-related legal issues a little differently. She believes understanding your individual situation makes a large difference in the outcome of a custody case. Let her unique perspective achieve your goals as a parent.

Fighting for your children, fighting for you

At our family law firm in Greenville, we will be outworked by no one. Child custody cases are extremely consequential for the parents and children involved. As a parent, you’re rightfully anxious about the legal proceedings ahead of you.

Attorney Angela Frazier understands the law, and she understands the mission. You can leave it to her to take care of your custody case, relieving you of the burden and fully representing your interests.

How We Represent You

Here are some ways a child custody lawyer assists you:

Explaining the law

South Carolina child custody laws are complex. We can explain how they apply to your case.

Identifying legal issues

With experience in the law, we anticipate important things to address in your case.
Developing a case plan

We’ll talk about the possibilities for your case, potential outcomes and what to consider as we develop a case plan. We’ll explain what you need to do and ways you can help your case.

Legal pleadings and procedure

A child custody case is a legal proceeding. We’ll file the legal documents on your behalf.

Negotiating and communicating

By its nature, a child custody proceeding is adversarial. Count on us to take care of communications about the case with your child’s other parent, witnesses and others involved.

Solo Law Firm, Focused on You

When you hire us as your child custody lawyer, you’re hiring a lawyer who does things differently. Angela Frazier is a solo attorney. That means you have a person who is devoted to your case and focused on your needs.

It’s important that we learn your story, listen to you and answer your questions. Our team is always here when you need us, and our focus is on you.

What does a child custody lawyer do?

A child custody lawyer advocates for a parent in a child custody matter. They seek the most favorable order regarding care of minor children and child support.

Child custody orders may be detailed, reflecting the specific needs of the children and circumstances surrounding the parents. Our goal is a custody order that reflects the law and your rights as a parent.

Why get a lawyer for child custody?

Talking to a child custody lawyer can give you perspective regarding your situation. Learn what you should do, and what to avoid. There are things that may be important before you even file your case. If the other parent has filed legal documents, you have a limited time to respond. Contact us right away.

As your child custody lawyer in Greenville, SC, we’re here to lead. Please contact us for a personalized consultation.

Types of Cases We Handle

Child custody as part of divorce

When parties divorce, child custody orders are part of the divorce proceeding.

Establishment of custody, paternity proceedings

We can initiate or respond to a court case to establish a parental relationship and child custody orders.

Changing child custody orders

Sometimes, child custody orders need to be changed. We can seek to change a custody order or help you respond to one that has been filed.

Enforcement actions

If a parent isn’t following a custody order, we can take action to enforce the order.

Visitation and parenting time

Our law office assists parents with visitation schedules and issues regarding parenting time.

Common Issues in Child Custody Cases

Joint/Sole Custody

Child custody may be awarded to one or both parents, depending on the best interests of the children.

Physical and legal custody

A parent’s rights regarding a child involve the physical care of the child and major decisions in the child’s upbringing.

Conditions on parenting time

It may be appropriate to place conditions on a parent’s time with the children to make it safe and meaningful. Examples may be supervision or restriction of third parties.

Special needs children

Our law firm can assist you when a child custody matter must address the special needs of a child.

Education and religious upbringing

When parents disagree on education and religious training of a child, a child custody lawyer can advocate for your child’s best interests.

Communication between parents, parental exchanges

Let our team help you address communication between parents, including when a parent is non-cooperative.

Military service members

There are applicable laws when a child custody matter involves a military service member.

Parents in different states/countries

We advocate for you when a child custody matter involves parents in different states or countries.

Domestic violence

We fight to protect our clients and their children when a child custody matter involves domestic violence.

Child support

Child support is a critical part of any child custody case.

Representing Clients in Greenville, SC and the Surrounding Areas

Angela is proud to represent both women and men in child custody and related matters.

Elliott Frazier — Family, Personal Injury, & Car Accident Attorneys, LLC is currently accepting new child custody clients in the Upstate. We’re not afraid of a fight, and that’s exactly what you need in a lawyer when you have a child custody matter. Count on us to work relentlessly for your rights.

How to contact us

Call 864-635-6323 or message our child custody lawyer Angela Frazier today.

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