Will You Get Stuck With Your Ex-Spouse’s Student Loan Debt?

If you are going through a divorce in South Carolina, then you are well aware that marital assets will need …

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What If You Get Divorced After Adopting A Child?

Divorce is not easy for anyone to go through. However, the situation can be incredibly complicated when there are children …

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Stepparent Adoption Has Wonderful Benefits

The word “parent” does not necessarily have to mean a child’s biological parents. Most people know that stepparents can play …

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Divorce And A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Divorce is complicated. So is a personal injury lawsuit. When a person is going through both of those at the …

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Do Only Famous People Have High Asset Divorces?

When most people hear the phrase high asset divorce, they probably think of celebrities and CEOs. Last year, Jeff Bezos, …

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January is National Child-Centered Divorce Awareness Month

When two people are getting divorced or separated, the situation can become very emotional in contentious. Divorce is hard on …

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Same-Sex Marriages Are Just Like Any Other Marriage

Ten years ago, the idea of same-sex marriage in South Carolina was just that, an idea. Staying out of the …

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Cryptocurrency Could be an Asset Division Nightmare

When you are going through a divorce, one of the most contentious parts of the process is the distribution of …

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Are South Carolina’s Alimony Laws Unfair?

Either spouse may be awarded alimony under the South Carolina family court system. These payments are paid either periodically or …

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Can a Divorce Put You in Jail?

When a person goes through a divorce, the last thing they are thinking about is going to jail. However, one …

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