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6 Surprising Ways South Carolina Adultery Laws Can Affect Your Divorce

Do you live in the state of South Carolina? Was your spouse unfaithful to you? A cheating spouse is one …

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Can Two People Be Guardians for the Same Disabled Adult?

In many families, there are multiple individuals who wish to protect an aging or cognitively-impaired individual in need of a …

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What Is a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

For those who are caring for a senior or acting as a court-appointed guardian for a disabled adult, there can …

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Granny Cams: Balancing Privacy with Protection

Throughout the country, a debate continues to rage about whether to allow granny cams in nursing homes. Now, five states …

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Dealing with Neuropsychology Reports in a Contested Guardianship

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood parts of some contested guardianship cases is the physician’s report. In order to become …

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Five Things You Should Never Say to a Teen During or After Divorce

We all know teenagers have a tough time making good choices, but one of the toughest things a teenager can …

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Reasons to Seek Child Support Modification

If you pay child support in South Carolina, it’s important to know your rights. There are times when it may …

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Can I Be Sued for My Parents’ Debts?

This may just be one of the top 10 questions elder law and Greenville estate planning attorneys are asked by …

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Using a Special Needs Trust for a Disabled Loved One

You may have heard the term “special needs trust,” but you’ve probably also heard or read a lot of misleading …

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What You Need to Know About South Carolina Joint Bank Accounts

Today, many Americans maintain joint bank accounts. Some do it for convenience, while others do it as a form of …

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