How to Find Out How Much Child Support Is Owed to You

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If you become your children’s primary custodial parent (with whom they spend the majority of their time), you will very likely receive child support from their other parent. In South Carolina, these child support payments are calculated according to state guidelines that take wide-ranging factors into consideration. While there are child support calculation tools out there, the surest way to explore how much child support will likely be owed to you upon divorce is by consulting with an experienced Greenville divorce attorney

Variables in the Calculation Process

The primary variables that are plugged into the state’s calculation formula include all of the following:

  • The number of children involved
  • The gross monthly income of the payor
  • The gross monthly income of the recipient
  • Any amount of child support or alimony the payor owes in relation to prior relationships or that the recipient receives in relation to prior relationships
  • The amount the payor or the recipient contribute in the form of payments for the children’s daycare
  • The amount the payor or recipient contribute in the form of payments for the children’s health insurance

With the amounts for these variables in hand, you’ll be able to move forward with your preliminary child support calculations.

Look to an Experienced Greenville Divorce Attorney for the Help You Need

Child support is critical to your ability to adequately provide for your children, and the trusted divorce attorneys at Elliott Frazier Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina, have the experience, drive, and legal insight to help you obtain the child support to which your children are entitled. For more information about how we can help, don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 864-635-6323 today.  


What if my ex and I share time with our children equally?

If your ex is the higher earner, they will very likely still be required to pay child support. 

What if my ex stops working in order to thwart my right to child support?

The court can see through such maneuvers, and an experienced divorce attorney can help you rectify the problem. 

What if my ex and I have made our own child support arrangements?

As long as they meet the state’s minimum payment requirements, you can make your own arrangements, but it’s important to have the court sign off on them.

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