How To Track Child Support Payments

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When the court issues a child support order, there can be consequences if it is not followed. The parent paying support should always make payments in full and on time, or they risk penalties imposed by the court. Both parents should keep careful records and know how to track child support payments. If you have questions about child support enforcement or modification, contact a Greenville family law lawyer today and read our guide to child support.

Child Support Portal

The State of South Carolina’s Department of Social Services has a child support portal where parents can create accounts. Payments can be made through this portal, which will keep track of all payments made.

If you are not using the portal, it is imperative that both parents know how to keep track of child support payments. The recipient parent should have records to show they did not receive payments when they should have. The paying parent should have records of payments in case the other parent claims they never received funds.

You might keep track of payments with canceled checks, bank statements, or messages between the parents acknowledging receipt. Clear records are critical should a conflict arise over support in the future.

Child Support FAQs

What Happens if You Do Not Receive Child Support?

If you don’t receive your child support payments as scheduled, you have options to enforce the court order through the state Child Support Department or the family court that issued the order.

What if You Can’t Afford Child Support?

If you are struggling to make your support payments due to job loss or other circumstances, don’t simply stop paying. Instead, discuss a possible modification with a child support lawyer.

What if You are Falsely Accused of Failing to Pay Child Support?

If your child’s other parent claims you failed to pay support, you can use the records you have of your payment to demonstrate to the state or court that you made the payments as you should have.

Seek Help from a Greenville Child Support Attorney

At Elliott Frazier Law Firm LLC, we help parents with child support-related matters, including initial orders and modifications. Contact us through our website or call 864-635-6323 to learn more.

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