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Surprisingly, as many as 20% of couples turn to divorce before they are really ready to do so. Many people actually follow through with a divorce only to end up saving their relationship after the divorce is final. Others will get part way through the process before deciding that this isn’t really what they want to do. Then, there are those who get divorced and live the rest of their lives wondering what might have been, if only they hadn’t gone through with it.

Divorce is an emotionally charged process, and it can’t always be prevented. For many, it really is the best thing that they can do for themselves, their children, and each other. Just as many people turn to divorce before they are really ready, many people get married before they are really ready, and many begin to regret the decision right away. However, just as it is essential to make sure that you’re getting married for the right reasons and at the right time, it is imperative to ensure that you are getting divorced for the right reasons and at the right time. You don’t want to get part way through the process or all the way through the process, if there is any hope of saving your marriage, or if there is any chance that you’re going to regret it.

Even if you decide not to get divorced, part way through the process, you will have already wasted money. If you decide to save your relationship after the divorce is final, then you’ve wasted a lot more money and given up all the benefits and commitment associated with marriage. If you choose to re-marry each other, that is a further expense. Divorce is also a process that shakes up the whole family and has an effect on your children, if you have children. It involves separating your finances, changing your insurance policies, setting up new residences, and moving on with your life, so you don’t want to do all of this if you’re not sure, if you’re not ready, or if there is any chance of saving the relationship.

What Should You Consider Before Filing for Divorce in Greenville, South Carolina?

There are a few important things to think about before you file for divorce in Greenville, South Carolina. You may need to take some time, get some space, and really focus on these considerations and questions before you take that step. For example, have you tried everything to improve your marriage? Have you tried counseling? Have you attempted to address your differences? Is there anything that you haven’t done?

Then, ask yourself if you and your spouse still have unresolved feelings that you should address before you file for divorce. Maybe divorce is the right answer, but it would be best to make sure that you and your spouse agree on this, understand the issues, and have resolved any emotional conflicts and challenges so that the divorce can be more amicable.

Ask yourself and your spouse if you are ready to co-parent in a way that is healthy for yourselves and your children. Make sure that you take the time to discuss these issues, consider the potential conflicts and challenges, and make sure you’re ready to do right by your kids. Keep in mind that divorce is going to be hard on the kids, too, and you will need to work together to ensure that your kids know that they haven’t lost a parent and that they still have the love and support of the people that they love most in the world.

Have You Tried Everything to Save Your Marriage?

Many people come to that first question, on careful consideration, about whether or not they’ve tried everything to save the marriage, and realize that they have not. If this is true for you, then you may want to stop thinking of divorce for a moment and start thinking of other options. You may be able to resolve the issues that seem to be tearing you apart by addressing them in a professional marital counseling environment. Marriage counselors have seen it all, and there’s a good chance that they can either help you to save your marriage or at least help you to confirm that separation is the appropriate course of action and even to separate on more positive and amicable terms. This could be the best thing for you, your spouse, and your kids, even if divorce is ultimately the best thing for everyone. Other options for addressing marital problems include confiding in the leader of your church and researching common marital problems on your own to find out how others have resolved them or moved past them.

The Difference Between Fault Based and No-Fault Divorce in Greenville, South Carolina

In Greenville, South Carolina, you have a few options when it comes to filing for divorce. One of those options is a no-fault divorce, which does not require you or your spouse to accuse each other of wrongdoing. You must be separated for twelve consecutive months to file for a no-fault uncontested divorce. There are multiple options for a fault based divorce, depending on the wrongdoing that is involved in your case. Common examples include adultery, desertion or abandonment, physical cruelty or abuse, and habitual intoxication. However, if you are filing for a fault based divorce, you will need to have proof of the wrongdoing. This may involve getting a private investigator on the case to produce such evidence.

Requirements for Fault Based Divorce in Greenville, South Carolina

The requirements for a fault based divorce in Greenville, South Carolina are going to be dependent upon what the fault is. For example, you’ll need evidence of an affair to prove adultery. If you are filing for divorce on the grounds of desertion or abandonment, you need evidence that your spouse left you, stopped communicating with you, withdrew any and all support, and has been out of touch for at least twelve months.

If you are filing for divorce based on the grounds of physical cruelty or abuse, you will have prove that a pattern of such behavior existed in the marriage. You cannot file for this kind of fault based divorce because of just one incident. You can prove that there was a pattern of abuse by getting reports from a physician or other witness.

In fault based divorce cases that involve habitual intoxication, you will have to provide evidence that your spouse is an addict or habitually abuses alcohol and/or other substances. This can often be proven with criminal records, a history of DUIs, or witness statements.

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