Why Is Mediation Important?

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Most divorcing couples want to do everything they can to avoid going to court. There are too many risks associated with litigation, including:

  • High costs
  • Lingering bitterness in a relationship
  • Ceding control to a judge

However, people may not be able to get on the same page to resolve their differences without some help. Many aspects of the family law process involve ex-spouses or co-parents with their own viewpoints and situations, and each one has to compromise. This is a process that may not come naturally to people who are divorcing or handling a family law matter.

Mediation Helps Parties Talk

Mediation can help the two parties as they try to talk through the issues. The mediator can help guide the discussion and bridge differences between the parties. They can find common ground to build on and prompt parties to talk about difficult issues. It can pave the way to a settlement agreement when the parties may be having trouble reaching one. Mediation gets people talking directly with some help as opposed to fighting.

Most family law cases will eventually settle without the need for a hearing. Engagement is always preferable to litigation, and the two parties should leave no stone unturned to reach an agreement. Mediation is one of those stones. There are some times when litigation is unavoidable, but parties should explore mediation if they have the ability. It can only help them in the long run. While it may add some expense to a family law case, it is far less than what a hearing may cost you.

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Will my family law case go to court?

Most family law cases are settled without a hearing, and trials are rare.

How can I avoid a family law trial?

It is always better to talk issues through, especially with the help of a lawyer

Will a mediator help my case?

Let’s put it this way – talking with the other party with the help of a mediator cannot hurt.

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