What You Need to Do Before Filing for Divorce

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Even under the best of circumstances, divorces are tough, and they can be even more difficult if you are not adequately prepared to deal with their consequences. By taking the time to educate yourself about certain matters and taking steps to care for yourself, you make the divorce process much more tolerable, both for yourself and your family.

Educate Yourself on Financial Matters

Especially if you have been less than active when it comes to marital finances, take the time to find out what debts you or your spouse owe, what bills you need to pay, and the balances in your bank and retirement accounts. Get a recent statement for each account so that you have a true picture of your current financial situation. Obtain a copy of your most recent income tax returns and all attachments. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering this information. Not only with getting this information help you in the future, but it will make your initial meeting with your lawyer much easier. Finally, gathering all of your financial information will allow you to begin deciding the best strategy for property and debt division in your divorce.

Set Aside Some Savings

This is your chance to set aside some money that belongs solely to you and establish credit in your own name. Establish a separate account or entrust some money to a family member so that you have funds to draw on if the worst happens. All too often, an individual is blindsided when his or her spouse cleans out their joint bank accounts and moves out, leaving him or her with no access to any money on an immediate basis. If nothing else, you can use the funds to retain an attorney who will give you proper legal advice and represent your interests in the divorce.

Start a Detailed Journal

This is the time to start documenting your daily life, particularly if you have children. A detailed journal of daily events can help prove, for instance, that you are the primary caretaker of the children. It also can show that your spouse works long, irregular hours, thus leaving most of the childrearing responsibilities up to you. Also make note of relevant text messages and emails from your spouse, as well as any events involving your children in which your spouse did not participate.

Take Care of Yourself

While you cannot eliminate the stress that a divorce causes, you can anticipate and manage it. See a therapist if you need to talk about your feelings or learn how to handle the stress of a rapidly deteriorating marriage. Take some time for yourself in order to relax and do what you enjoy. Finally, avoid social media as much as possible, especially when it comes to your personal life. There is no need to air your dirty laundry in public, antagonize your spouse, or start people talking about your impending divorce. Skip the relationship status field on Facebook, and focus on reality, rather than the Internet.

Get Advice From a Skilled South Carolina Divorce Lawyer

The skilled South Carolina divorce lawyers at Elliott Frazier Law Firm, LLC has handled countless divorce cases for all types of clients, whether they center on custody and visitation, property and debt division, or both. Let us help you devise the best strategy to build your case. By working together as a team, we can assist you in achieving your objectives for your divorce.

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