Unique Custody Battles: Pet Support

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Every divorce is different, involving different people with different interests and different goals. This always brings new situations to the discussions that always take place during a divorce proceeding, like child custody, alimony, and distribution of property.


Things get increasingly complex the more assets that a divorcing couple has. This is why strange issues often come up when the couple that is divorcing is wealthy, or a pair of celebrities, or both: With more assets to get split up, different questions tend to get asked, requiring new and sometimes unique solutions.


Such is the case with the recent divorce proceedings between singers Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams.

Custody Disputes are Commonly Among the Most Difficult


For many divorcing couples, the most contentious issue revolves around any children that they have. Who gets primary custody, how often visitation can occur, and what the child support obligations will be are often hotly contested because couples want what is best for their children, but are also going through a difficult life change that they know will impact their children. In fact, these are often the conversations that cause the most delay and difficulty in a typical divorce proceeding, because each parent understandably feels very strongly about the future of their children.


Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams, though, have not had any children during their seven years of marriage. Nevertheless, they are still in a difficult custody and support dispute.

Pet Custody and Support


At issue in the divorce between Moore and Adams are the couple’s eight pets. There are six cats and two dogs that need to be cared for, and Moore has been stuck with all of them since the couple filed for divorce back in January, 2015.


Despite the months since announcing the divorce, Moore and Adams have yet to come to a finalized agreement. In December, Moore filed papers in their divorce proceeding, saying that they were unable to agree on spousal support. A big part of this disagreement has surrounded the pets. Moore claims that Adams had promised to take two of the cats, but they are still with her.


Moore claims that, because Adams is making an alleged $151,000 every month, he should take four of the pets immediately, and pay her $37,000 per month until the terms of the divorce are sorted out.


While there is nothing in South Carolina law that is specifically for financial support of pets in a divorce, the costs of caring for a pet or two is often included in alimony or spousal support.


South Carolina Family Law Attorneys


If you are considering a divorce, and want to know what kind of support you will have to pay or can receive from the divorce proceeding, contact the Elliott Frazier Law Firm, LLC online. Our experienced Greenville family law attorneys have represented countless clients throughout South Carolina in divorce proceedings, and have handled all sorts of custody and support disputes that come up in a divorce proceeding.  

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