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Every married couple, no matter how much in love, will experience marital issues at one time or another. It is simply inevitable – every couple fights and every couple makes up. However, when these marital troubles escalate to the point where they are damaging the family, in situations of abuse, addiction, or when problems simply become too great to overcome as a couple, it may be time to reach out to a Greenville divorce attorney. Divorce attorneys in Greenville, SC know that there are many questions to be considered in any divorce, and one of the primary questions that those involved wrestle with is how to tell when it is the “right time” to begin looking at the option of divorce proceedings.

Is It a Divorce You Want or Just a Better Marriage?

As divorce lawyers in Greenville, SC, we do more than just formulate legal arguments, present evidence, and advocate for spouses and children in divorces. We are also a friend and ally to a spouse struggling with a failing marriage, and in order to help them decide if a divorce is really what is best, we usually ask some basic questions. Are your marital troubles so dire that they cannot be surmounted? Are you not in love with your spouse any longer? Can you no longer see a future with this partner? Or – on the other hand – do you simply want a better marriage with the person you are currently married to?

Have You Exhausted All Other Options? Consult with a Greenville Divorce Attorney

Before pursuing divorce proceedings, have you tried really working out these problems with your spouse? Doubtless, you have talked about these issues. Otherwise, you would not be considering consulting a Greenville divorce attorney, but some problems require more effort than just the two of you. Seeking out a marriage counselor and honestly committing yourself to pursuing the counseling can be the thing that saves a relationship.

Are There External Factors to Be Considered?

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We live in a stressful world, and as divorce attorneys in Greenville, SC, we see the aftermath of that stress far too often. Every couple goes through a period in which they have to be strong for each other – but what happens when both partners are enduring separate, heavy amounts of stress and neither has the strength to support the other? This is a relationship which is in danger of being stretched to the limits.

It is important to recognize these issues and to understand that they are not necessarily your fault. Often, the issue driving a marriage apart is simply life, and just taking the time to help your partner work through their own stressors can help you to get through your own. If necessary, outside help such as a therapist or counselor may be brought in to assist with this process, as well.

The Question of Sex

One common theme that we often see as divorce lawyers in Greenville, SC in couples having marital issues is the issue of sex. This is front-and-center in many marital disputes, and it can be a very awkward and difficult problem to address. Do you feel you and your partner are not sexually compatible? Do you want something that your partner cannot give, or vice-versa? It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfectly 100% compatible couple and compromise is usually the key. As with many other problems faced by married couples who inquire with a Greenville divorce attorney, if you cannot overcome these problems on your own, you may need to consult a professional counselor to help you sort through them.

Consider the Options, then Contact a Greenville Divorce Attorney in SC

No matter what the problems in your marriage may be, ask yourself before you file for divorce if you have considered all the options before you. If you have attempted every avenue to save the relationship and find that you remain at an impasse, then the Greenville, SC divorce attorneys at Elliott Frazier Law can help you. In any divorce, you may find that you need strong legal representation to ensure that you receive all that you are entitled to and that your children are well taken care of. You will also need an ally and a confidante to ensure that you come through the process as smoothly and as healthily as possible. Contact a Greenville divorce attorney for a consultation or for more information on how we can help you get through your divorce.

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