What If You Are Struggling To Pay Child Support Or Alimony During COVID-19?

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During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is no secret that the economy has taken a hit. In South Carolina alone, nearly 500,000 people have filed for unemployment in the last two months. We have seen our state go from one of the best economies it has ever seen to an unsustainable situation. Many people across the state of SC regularly pay monthly child support and alimony obligations. However, what happens if you find yourself in a difficult financial situation due to this health crisis and unable to pay what you owe? 

Why would there need to be modifications?

Right now, millions of Americans are dealing with a combination of devastating economic impacts. This includes layoffs, furloughs, business closings, investment losses, and more. Unfortunately, this has affected millions of families who are feeling the trickle-down economic pain of these losses. Divorced families are also dealing with significant challenges. 

With more than 30 million Americans filing for unemployment so far, it should come as no surprise that many people are seeking to modify their child support and spousal support payments. These payments are calculated on a person’s income history that did not take into account that this unprecedented event would occur. 

If possible, communicate with your ex-spouse about your financial hardship if you are unable to make payments. This does not mean you can stop making payments, but just keep them in the loop and let them know modifications may need to occur. If you know you will need to request a lower payment for child support or spousal support, do not wait to ask the family court system for modification. 

Our team is ready to help

If you are struggling to make your child support or alimony payments due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you may need to speak to an attorney in order to get a modification on your payments. At the Elliott Frazier Law Firm, we are ready to look at your situation and work to obtain any modification you may be entitled to during this difficult health and financial crisis. Please understand that you should not modify payments without working through the family court system. You can contact our Greenville child custody and alimony attorney for a consultation today so we can plan your next steps forward together.

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