South Carolina Divorce Rates Compared To The Rest Of The US

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Most people have heard the old adage that half of all marriages end in divorce. While the divorce rate has certainly been high in the past, recent studies have shown there has actually been a decline in the overall divorce rate in the country over the last 10 years. You may be wondering where South Carolina stands compared to the overall divorce rates with the rest of the United States. 

How does the divorce rate in South Carolina?

A report published by, which compiled data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics, found that divorce rates in the United States have declined by nearly 20% over the last 10 years. 

When it comes to divorce rates, South Carolina is on the lower end of the spectrum. The published study found that the South Carolina divorce rate is 2.5%, placing South Carolina eighth lowest on the list overall. 

Illinois had the lowest divorce rate of any state in the country, at 1.5%. The highest divorce rate in the United States goes to Nevada, at 4.4%.

What is the waiting period for a South Carolina divorce?

Many people wonder if there is a waiting period for divorce in South Carolina. The answer to this depends on whether or not the divorce is a fault-based divorce or a no-fault divorce. 

For a fault-based divorce in South Carolina, the divorce cannot be finalized until at least 90 days after filing. For a no-fault divorce in South Carolina, you cannot file for divorce until you have lived apart from your spouse for at least one year of continuous separation. 

Divorce may be the right course of action

Just because the overall divorce rate in the country is dropping does not mean that separation is not the best route for you and your spouse. In many cases, circumstances point to divorce as the best option for every party involved. If you are going through a divorce, or think you may be going through one soon, you can count on the Elliott Frazier Law Firm to be by your side. You can contact our Greenville divorce attorney for a consultation today so we can get a plan started.

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