How Often Can Child Support Be Modified?

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Parents have many misconceptions about child support. One of them is about the circumstances that could lead to a modification. There is no hard and fast rule about how often child support can be modified. The reason for modification would be changed circumstances. However, parents should not think that any change in income would be enough to warrant a modification.

Changes in the parent or child’s situation may call for a child support modification. For example, if the paying parent loses their job or has a significant income reduction, they can seek to have child support lowered. Alternatively, if the paying parent received a substantial raise, the receiving parent can seek a modification to receive more money in support. However, child support would not be modified usually for small fluctuations in annual pay.

Changed Circumstances Are the Standard

In addition, changes to the children’s circumstances could also warrant a change to the support order. For example, if the expenses relating to the child have increased, such as the need for care or education, the parent can seek a modification.

The parent who is seeking the modification has the burden of proof to show that the circumstances have changed. Court orders can be amended, but judges do not take doing so lightly. Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of times that child support can be modified, but having changed circumstances frequently would be rare. Nonetheless, parents can have child support reviewed every three years to see if there are continuing changed circumstances that would merit a change.

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Can child support payments be lowered?

Yes. If the paying parent can show changed circumstances.

How can I request a child support review?

If it is through the Department of Social Services, you can make the request there.

Are modifications just about changes in earnings?

No. A change in the child’s needs could call for a modification too.

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