Is It Easy To Travel Overseas With Kids After A Divorce?

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A divorce can be an incredibly difficult process for everybody involved. This is especially true for children. However, life does typically begin to gain some semblance of normalcy after a divorce. Many parents enjoy traveling to other countries with their children, but this can be difficult after a divorce has occurred. Parents in this situation will now have to navigate custody and visitation orders before they go on a trip. 

Planning ahead is vital

If you are taking a vacation through children out of the country, plan the trip as far ahead as possible so you can iron out all the details with your former spouse. Make sure to review your parenting agreement for information regarding travel with the children. 

You are going to need to get all documentation in order well in advance with your trip occurring. For international travel, your child must have a passport regardless of their age (US State Department). The State Department also provides information regarding how divorced parents may submit a passport application if a child does not already have one. This will require the consent of both parents if they share legal custody. 

If you are divorced, it may certainly be necessary to get the child’s other parent to sign their consent before you can travel internationally with your child. Child custody orders often include provisions requiring permission, or at the very least notice, of the other parent before taking a minor child on an international trip. Parents in South Carolina must comply with state court custody orders. If you and your former spouse share legal custody of your child, chances are you will need some kind of permission from your ex-spouse before taking your child of the country.

Let our team help with your divorce

If you are planning an international trip with your child, please make sure that you understand your obligations to your former spouse. At the Elliott Frazier Law Firm, we have extensive experience handling child custody court orders, and we are ready to help you with these issues. You can contact our Greenville child custody attorney for a consultation today.

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