Does Child Support Cover Your Kid’s Extracurricular Activities?

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One of the most contentious aspects of a divorce is child support. While the total amount paid is determined by a formula set forth under state law, raising a child can come with many unexpected expenses. This is especially true when it comes to extracurricular activities. At the Elliott Frazier Law Firm, our Greenville family law attorneys want to discuss who pays for these expenses after a divorce.

Child support can be complicated

If you have been through a divorce and have children under the age of 18, then child support payments were most certainly arranged and finalized before the divorce decree was issued. Even if you were not married to the other parent of your child, child support payments are still required in the state of South Carolina. 

However, as any parent knows, many expenses related to raising a child or not predictable. It is generally understood that child support, at a minimum, is meant to go to the child:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Health insurance
  • Educational expenses

However, there are no restrictions on how a parent receiving child support may use it. The parent who pays child support cannot dictate how it is used. However, there are a number of extracurricular activities that may need to be paid for:

  • Music lessons
  • Band
  • Dance lessons
  • Martial arts
  • Sports teams
  • Scouting activities
  • And more

In general, the parent who receives the majority of custody and support will be responsible for paying for these additional expenses out of their regular child support amount. In some cases, if there is a joint physical custody arrangement, the court may order that the costs of these activities be split amongst both parents. 

It is important to remember that the agreed-upon, court-ordered child support payment plan is supposed to cover entertainment and extracurricular activities for your child. 

Let us help you through this

If you are divorced and have questions about whether you or your former spouse are responsible for extracurricular activities, contact the team at Elliott Frazier Law Firm today. We have a thorough understanding of South Carolina’s child support laws and want to make sure everybody is treated fairly in this situation. You can contact our Greenville family law attorney for a consultation today so we can make a plan moving forward.

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