How to Voluntarily Establish Paternity in South Carolina

The issue of who a child’s father is can have huge repercussions. Emotionally, having proof of who the father is …

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How to Establish Paternity When Your Child’s Father Will Not Admit It

Nowadays, there are countless situations that can end with having a child out of wedlock. Some of these even include …

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How Does Arbitration Work in a Divorce?

Divorces are difficult, emotional times. However, despite the huge amounts of stress and anxiety that go into every divorce, it …

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How Does Property Get Split After a Divorce?

Deciding to divorce from your spouse can be one of the most difficult decisions in your life. However, once that …

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What You Need to Do Before Filing for Divorce

Even under the best of circumstances, divorces are tough, and they can be even more difficult if you are not …

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Can I Get Supervised Visitation for My Child’s Other Parent

Many parents who are going through the divorce or paternity process ask about requiring their child’s other parent to have …

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Protective Orders in South Carolina

Some relationships and marriages lead to domestic violence, which is an unfortunate reality at all levels of our society. However, …

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What Is Mediation and How Does It Work in a Divorce?

It is often beneficial for divorcing individuals to work out their own settlement agreement, which can allow them to avoid …

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What is required to obtain a divorce based on physical cruelty under South Carolina law?

Physical violence is required in order to get a divorce based on physical cruelty. South Carolina law defines physical violence …

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Distinguishing Between Marital and Nonmarital Property in SC

South Carolina law makes a clear distinction between marital property and nonmarital property for the purposes of a property division …

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