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Domestic Abuse in Greenville, South Carolina, Family Law Cases

Greenville South Carolina Lawyer for domestic violence and family law

Greenville, South Carolina, family law cases that involve domestic abuse are among the most troubling of cases that we see at the Elliot Frazier Law Firm. The laws against domestic violence protect wives, husbands, children, and close relatives from harm or threat of harm. Domestic abuse includes physical violence, sexual violence, economic abuse, psychological abuse,…

The Basics of Child Custody in Greenville, South Carolina, Divorce Cases

Greenville South Carolina Attorney for Divorce

In Greenville, South Carolina, divorce cases, the law allows for married couples to end their marriages if they meet one of five conditions. These conditions are divided into fault and no-fault reasons. With the at-fault reasons, one spouse blames the other for destroying the marriage, either through adultery, physical abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, or…

Important Questions About Custody in an Unmarried Family in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville SC family law attorney

One of the most misunderstood and complicated issues in Greenville, SC, family law cases is the issue of how custody disputes are resolved in unmarried families. When two people have children together without getting married, they may assume that separation will involve the mother getting sole custody of the children. They may also assume that…

Is Your Greenville, SC, Family Affected by Parental Alienation and the Bystander Effect?

Greenville SC family law attorney

Parental alienation syndrome refers to the situation that many children and parents find themselves in after a divorce or separation. It occurs when one parent manipulates the child and the other parent to prevent them from maintaining a positive relationship. In other words, one parent alienates the other, so that the child does not have…

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