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Can a Greenville Divorce Attorney Help Me Remove Visitation Rights from an Alcoholic or Drug Addict Parent?

Greenville Divorce Attorney South Carolina

Anytime the question of drug addiction or alcoholism arises during disagreements between two divorced parents; the argument can become increasingly volatile. Addiction and alcoholism, especially coupled with the anger and frustration of the process of getting a divorce, could lead an addicted parent to cause harm – intentionally or unintentionally – to a child during…

Can I Go from Fostering to Adoption in Greenville, South Carolina?

Child Adoption Attorney Family Law Greenville South Carolina

In South Carolina, there are nearly 3,000 children without parents. For our foster children, a temporary home can provide stability. It may also lead to a Greenville foster parent considering adoption for a child they have cared for. Going from fostering a child to adoption in Greenville, South Carolina are two different things. You may…

Removing Child Visitation Rights from Alcoholic Greenville Parent

Child Visitation Rights Attorney Greenville South Carolina

When it comes to the question of alcohol abuse, disagreements between divorced parents risk turning even bleaker because of the potential for the alcoholic parent to cause harm, be it intentional or not, to the child during a visitation. So where does family law in Greenville, South Carolina, stand on the matter of child visitation…

Do Business Owners Getting a Divorce in Greenville Need to Hire a Lawyer?

Greenville South Carolina Attorney for Divorce

If a business owner is facing divorce in Greenville, South Carolina, the person might have come across the painful realism of equitable division. This term refers to the process of splitting up the couple’s marital debts and assets. What this means is that bank accounts, retirement accounts, homes, cars, stocks and bonds, and personal property…

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