forensic accounting greenville sc divorce

Why Use a Forensic Accountant During a Divorce?

The divorce process is almost always difficult and stressful. Distribution of assets is one of the most stressful and typically …

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Marital asset divorce attorney SC

Stay at Home Moms: Who Gets the House in the Divorce?

Going through a divorce in South Carolina is a complex process, which includes the distribution of marital assets. South Carolina …

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Divorce lawyer South Carolina business

How to Determine the Value of a Business in a Divorce

If either party in a pending divorce owns a business, it can certainly complicate the process. In many cases, the …

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Divorce attorney Greenville

How Are Assets Divided During a Divorce in South Carolina?

While many states recognize marital assets as community property, South Carolina does not. During a divorce in South Carolina, marital …

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Stay at home mom divorce

Can My Husband Kick Me Out of the Marital Home if My Name Isn’t on the Title?

Going through a divorce is scary enough without the added fear of being thrown out of the marital home, especially …

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Greenville Divorce attorney calendar

South Carolina Among the Most Challenging States to Get Divorced

The laws and process of divorce can vary significantly from state to state. While divorce is hard on everyone, some …

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Stressed unhappy senior couple. Relationship and separation problem.

Divorcing After 50: How to Survive and Thrive In a “Gray Divorce”

The divorce rate in the United States is the lowest we have seen since the 1970s. However, divorce among seniors …

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Greenville Divorce Attorney Family Law

Is There a Correct Time to File for a Divorce? Your Greenville Divorce Attorney Can Help

Every married couple, no matter how much in love, will experience marital issues at one time or another. It is …

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Child Custody Attorney Greenville South Carolina

How Can a Greenville Divorce Attorney Help Me with My Child Custody Case?

In any divorce, child support and questions of custody are almost ways the most difficult and painful parts of the …

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Divorce Attorney Alimony Greenville South Carolina

Types of Alimony: Your Greenville Divorce Attorney Explains it All

In any modern divorce case handled by a divorce lawyer in Greenville, SC, alimony is one of the most important …

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