January is National Child-Centered Divorce Awareness Month

When two people are getting divorced or separated, the situation can become very emotional in contentious. Divorce is hard on …

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probate estates lawyer greenville sc

Same-Sex Marriages Are Just Like Any Other Marriage

Ten years ago, the idea of same-sex marriage in South Carolina was just that, an idea. Staying out of the …

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Greenville South Carolina Attorney for Divorce

Can a Divorce Put You in Jail?

When a person goes through a divorce, the last thing they are thinking about is going to jail. However, one …

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Establishing Visitation During Divorce

About 40-50 percent of marriages in the United States end in a divorce. A divorce is a difficult time for …

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divorce checklist

Divorce Checklist: 5 Essential Topics to Discuss with Your Lawyer

Did you know that there are 876,000 divorces per year? If you’re in the process of divore you’re not alone. …

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divorce advice

15 Pieces of Divorce Advice To Make The Process Easier

We don’t need to open this article up by telling you some statistic showing the prevalence of divorce. We both …

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Figuring Out Student Loans During Divorce

Trying to divide assets and debts when it comes to divorce can be extremely stressful. When you add in student …

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south carolina adultery laws

6 Surprising Ways South Carolina Adultery Laws Can Affect Your Divorce

Do you live in the state of South Carolina? Was your spouse unfaithful to you? A cheating spouse is one …

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Talking to Kids About Divorce

If you are facing a divorce, you’re probably worried about a lot of different things. Of course, if there are …

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Be Careful Using Social Media During Your Divorce

It’s pretty uncommon to find anyone who isn’t active on at least one social media channel these days. And, given …

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