Angela Elliott Frazier

A desire to work hard for her clients is second nature for attorney Angela Elliott Frazier.  Inspired by her father, Senator Dick Elliott, who spent 30 years in the state legislature and never missed a day of the session, Angela learned the value of hard work.

Angela Elliott Frazier

Angela Elliott Frazier

“I’m lucky to have parents who are great role models,” Frazier said. “Their value system and strong work ethic were ingrained in me from a very young age.”

That work ethic, together with extensive education and varied work experience, have prepared Frazier to assist business owners and families with a variety of legal needs, to become their ‘lawyer for life.’

After earning her law degree from the University of South Carolina, Frazier practiced for five years in Myrtle Beach then spent four years with a business law firm in Greenville before opening Elliott Frazier Law Firm in March.  Her practice covers business law and contract preparation, civil litigation, personal injury, real estate, family law, and wills.

“The new practice has a broader scope, including family law in addition to real estate, business law, and litigation.  Once you’ve developed a relationship with a client in one area of the law, it’s nice to be able to help them with other legal issues that arise,” she said.  “I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories.  It’s exciting to be at a real estate closing with a person who’s getting their first house, but even in a case such as a divorce, it’s an honor to be able to help people through a difficult time in their life.”

Frazier received a Masters in Business from Clemson and serves as an adjunct professor in the paralegal program at Greenville Tech.  Her business background has given her an appreciation of what’s important to business owners, she said, equipping her to help take stress out of legal matters for her business clients.

“It’s important to practice preventive business law—do the right thing on the front end, so you don’t end up with problems,” Frazier said. “I have spent so much time in litigation of cases where people wrote their own contracts.  They’re trying to save money, but don’t realize that by paying to have an attorney draw up the contract they could have saved time and money later.”

Another common situation where do-it-yourself legal advice can go awry is in estate planning, Frazier said.

“Because South Carolina inheritance laws differ from those in other states, it’s extremely important to have a will prepared by an attorney familiar with South Carolina law.” she said.

Senator Dick Elliott & Angela Elliott Frazier

Senator Dick Elliott & Governor Nikki Haley

Frazier said June 7 was a proud day for her family, when Governor Nikki Haley recognized Senator Elliott’s service to the state by presenting him with South Carolina’s highest civilian honor, The Order of the Palmetto.

“Watching my dad through many years of service to the community is one of the reasons I wanted to go to law school.  Now I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to serve clients in the Upstate community,” she said.  “From the cradle to grave, whatever stage a person is in their life, I look forward to helping with their legal needs.”